Show-A Peel


Quart - Show-A-Peel is the revolutionary new moisturizing skin conditioner for hogs. It "peels" off the old, dull outer layer of skin leaving a fresher appearing hog. A dramatic difference! No irritation - No Burning - No Oil! Application: Before applying, remove any dirt or dust with a soft brush. Apply a generous amount of Show-A-Peel that is equal to approximately 1/4 of the 32 ounce bottle for a 270 pound hog, and proportionately less for smaller jackpot size hogs. Apply with your hands or a brush to the top, sides, head, hips and neck. Let sit for 12 to 24 hours and then rinse off the old sloughed, dead skin. Follow with a light shampooing. Frequency of application: Use one to two times per week leading up to the night before the show. As you get closer to the date of the show, application can be done as often as every-other day. At the show, do the final application the night before show day.

  • Model: SAP

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