Dairy Feed Supplements

(image for) Refresh
REF5 or REF10


5 lb. bucket or 10 lb. tub - A high energy electrolyte formula designed to hydrate muscle cells for show. Refresh will help prevent dehydration at...
(image for) Vita Charge Clench Gel

Vita Charge Clench Gel

30 ml tube - A gel for all species of livestock ideal for use during diarrhea and scours treatments to support recovery, hydration and nutrient...
(image for) Essential Keep'n On

Essential Keep'n On

Keep'n On creates body fill without extra weight. It provides the same fill appearance as 8 lbs of water (1 gallon) at only 1/16 the weight. It...
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(image for) Hide and Hair

Hide and Hair

Hide and Hair is a revolutionary hair growth product. Not only has it been shown to grow hair, but it encourages skin health which is essential for...
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(image for) STRETCH


50# Bag - Stretch is a multi species product designed to increase expansion of the belly. It can be used the day of the show, a few days before the...
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(image for) Sullivan's Appetite Express Probiotic Granules

Sullivan's Appetite Express Probiotic Granules

5 lb. bag - A great probiotic feed additive to promote aggressive appetites and proper digestion resulting in improved feed efficiency. Helps to...
(image for) Sullivan's Aspirnfre Paste

Sullivan's Aspirnfre Paste

32 ml tube - This all natural product assists in the relief of pain. Can be a benefit for animals that walk stiff. Does not contain any drugs so...
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(image for) Sullivan's Show Road Supercharge B12 Paste

Sullivan's Show Road Supercharge B12 Paste

60 cc tube - Does your animal act lethargic or run down after traveling or because of a stressful weigh-in? Give them a dose of B12 Energy Boost. It...
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