Sullivan's Revive LITE

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Revive LITE features ALL of the great conditioning properties of our ever popular "original" Revive, just in a lighter,more refined approach. This formula doesn't weigh the hair down. Great for any time of year, but especially valuable during warmer months when hair coats become thinner. You will love how light if feels in the hair with a rich, unbeatable deep shine. The extra light cosmetic grade oils contained in Revive LITE do not glob or allow the hair to stick together. This actually creates added lift to the hair with more hair separation.
When applied, this new formula lightly coats and easily penetrates the hair and absorbs into the skin without clogging the pores.

Why does this matter? Most products can only coat the outer surface of the hair to add temporary shine. Revive LITE, however, with its lighter molecular structure, can actually penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair strand to infuse essential nutrients and lipids for the utmost moisturizing and hydrating properties. Another benefit, it has tremendous staying power. Since most other
hair treatments just coat the outside of hair, they rinse off easily while washing. But not Revive LITE. It has penetrated inside the hair, less likely to rinse away. By absorbing easily into the skin for outstanding nourishment, Revive LITE does not sit heavy on the skin heating up your animal. Revive LITE is also fortified with Sullivan's advanced VITA HAIR Nourishing Vitamin Package to infuse the hair with proven hair vitamins for natural moisturizing to create soft, manageable and stronger hair coats. A new science breakthrough for fresh, healthy, hydrated skin and hair.
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