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2.2# Pouch - Pink2Purple is an isotonic protein and electrolyte solution with a flavor that pigs crave. It quickly hydrates your pig during high-stress situations such as traveling, show day, farrowing, and weaning. The isotonic powder contains nutrients and amino acids that nourish your pig's intestines at the cellular level with rapid absorption to keep them moving throughout the show with extra eye appeal and bloom. Pink2Purple can be useful at all stages of the pig's life, especially during times of stress, sickness, and dehydration. 1 cup serving size means pigs only have to drink a little to achieve optimal hydration. A 2.2# pouch contains 66 doses.

Directions: Mix one scoop with 1 pint (16 oz.) of freshwater and mix until dissolved. Make fresh daily.
*For Show Prep: 3 days before travel, start pigs on 1 dose of Pink2Purple morning and night post-feeding. Continue Pink2Purple 2 times a day till show day.
*Show Use: Give 1 cup (8 oz) twice a day for the duration of the show.

Caution: Do not feed powder unless mixed with freshwater. Pigs must have access to clean water at all times.
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