Sullivan's 8' Hybrid Cadillac Chute


NON-STOCK ITEM - Hybrid chute w/ wheels & head tie. Chute is 7' h x 34" w. This chute combines all of the same great features as the Cadillac Aluminum and Cadillac Steel chutes! It offers the best of both worlds - Lightness of an aluminum chute plus the added strength of steel. This chute is equipped with a durable steel base for added stability. Everything above the base is aluminum to keep it light in weight. The steel base takes the flex out of the aluminum to provide a more durable product. Weight 165 lbs. IMPORTANT! - Aluminum is a soft metal and can easily bend or break. There is no warranty on chutes. F.O.B. Motor Freight - Freight quotes available upon request only.

  • Model: ALH8

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