Stronghold Cattlemaster 640 Chute Combo w/ Lift Rear Gate

The Stronghold Cattlemaster 640 Chute is built to handle the most demanding conditions smoothly and quickly. With standard features such as all welded construction, side door ratchet system to crowd the animal forward, an attached palpation cage, a swing door on both sides, a ratchet bar side squeeze, our unique MHG Extension Handle (which allows the headgate to be closed or opened from the rear of the chute); handling cattle has never been more efficient. The 640 is a favorite among purebred operations and club calf producers.

Combo includes the Cattlemaster 640 chute equipped with a heavy-duty manual headgate, a manual headgate extension handle, restraining rail, a humping bar, and a lift gate at the rear of the chute.

* Optional Wheel Assembly
* Optional Digital Scale

  • Model: STR640

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