Show Pig Skin & Hair Prep

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Show-A Peel SAP

Show-A Peel

Quart - Show-A-Peel is the revolutionary new moisturizing skin conditioner for hogs. It "peels" off the old, dull outer layer of skin leaving a...


Sullivan's Smolder SMO

Sullivan's Smolder

Quart - In today's competitive swine show ring setting, a sleek, fresh skin and hair coat is a must to reach the ultimate grand drive. The specially...


Champions Choice CHC

Champions Choice

Quart - Skin & Hair Conditioner for pigs. An excellent daily skin care. Will aid in making pale skin pigs darker.


Pump Up Sprayer PHS

Pump Up Sprayer

Heavy duty hand pump builds pressure. Just squeeze and spray. Wide range adjustable spray nozzle. A great pig sprayer.


Sullivan's Sudden Impact SSI

Sullivan's Sudden Impact

The best swine grooming treatment to date. An exceptional product to promote healthy skin and hair on show pigs. Restores natural oils and nutrients...


Sullivan’s Hog Heaven™ HHE

Sullivan’s Hog Heaven™

Quart – The show day product for swine. Gives a great sheen with no oily look. Spray over entire animal, brush in and cover with a light mist of...


Sullivan’s Swine Shine™ SSQ

Sullivan’s Swine Shine™

Quart - Swine shine is a skin and hair conditioner that will prevent dry scaly skin and hair. Not only does Swine Shine make your animal look...


Sullivan’s White Out™ SWO

Sullivan’s White Out™

Quart - White Out is a liquid whitening hair polish. It will deliver a renewed white appearance to dull white hair and skin on all white colored...


Sullivan's Revive REV

Sullivan's Revive

17 oz. Aerosol Can - Sullivan's Revive is a revolutionary product to promote healthy and beautiful hair coats. Revive restores natural oil and...

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Sullivan's Revive LITE REVL

Sullivan's Revive LITE

Revive LITE features ALL of the great conditioning properties of our ever popular "original" Revive, just in a lighter,more refined approach. This...

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