Corral Panels, Alleys & Tubs

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Stronghold Corral Panels STR*CP

Stronghold Corral Panels

Stronghold corral panels have seven bars and are constructed of 1 1/4" square tubing. Features include secure panel interlocking using standard upper...

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Stronghold Heavy-Duty Walk-Through Gates STR*WT

Stronghold Heavy-Duty Walk-Through Gates

Stronghold Heavy-Duty Walk-Through Gates offer quick and easy access. Features include a heavy-duty two inch square main frame, a freely swinging...

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Stonghold Corral Panel Carrier STRCPC

Stonghold Corral Panel Carrier

Designed to work with 8', 10', 12' and longer panels as well as walk-through gates. The carrier holds 30 Stronghold corral panels and 2 Stronghold...


Stronghold Spool Adjustable Alley Panels STRSAP

Stronghold Spool Adjustable Alley Panels

When paired with Alley Holding Frames, Slider Gates, Lift Gates, etc.; Stronghold Spool Adjustable Alley Panels provide an alley way width range from...


Stronghold Alleyway Can't Back STRCB

Stronghold Alleyway Can't Back

The Stronghold Alleyway Can't Back bolts to the side of alleyway and prevents animals from moving backward. Reversible for either side of alleyway.


Stonghold Alley Holding Frame STR*HF

Stonghold Alley Holding Frame

Stronghold Alley Holding Frames are made from heavy 2 inch square tubing. Available as an "A" or "AA" spool configuration as needed for different...


Stronghold Lift Gate STRLG

Stronghold Lift Gate

The Stronghold Lift Gate is strong, trouble-free, and easily attaches to chutes or in alleyways. Also has a lock down or lock up feature and can be...


Stronghold Slider Gate STRSG

Stronghold Slider Gate

The Stronghold Slider Gate has spring loaded locking action that allows the gate to be locked in an open or closed position. Heavy duty construction...


Stronghold Y Sort STRYS

Stronghold Y Sort

The Stronghold Y Sort easily attaches anywhere in alleyway to allow sorting of animals in two different directions. Includes Y-Sort Front, (2) 5'...


Stronghold Crowding Tub STRTUB7

Stronghold Crowding Tub

With heavy-duty 1 1/2" square tubing construction, the Stronghold Crowding Tub is a dependable fixture and an industry standard. Features include an...


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