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LD44Z Insect Repellent LD44Z

LD44Z Insect Repellent

Kills and repels ants, crickets, clover mites, cockroaches, fleas, gnats, millipedes, sow bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, mud daubers, small flying moths,...


Repel-X Pint RXP

Repel-X Pint

Repel-X Pint - Concentrate


Sullivan's Show Master Repel Fly Spray SMR

Sullivan's Show Master Repel Fly Spray

Quart - Ready to use, water based formula is enriched with lanolin and aloe vera. This fly spray is formulated for show animals with residual action...


Bandage Wrap BW

Bandage Wrap

Self adhering stretch bandage. Bonds firmly to itself but doesn't stick to skin or hair. Often used to wrap the chain on show halters or the bars of...


Hair Torch HTO

Hair Torch

Singes hair for sales, cuts clipping time in half. Simply attach to a standard propane hose equipped with a 1/2" pipe thread fitting.


Sullivan's Stall Freshener SF

Sullivan's Stall Freshener

A must for cooler rooms and all livestock stalls! This natural, dry granulated product is sprinkled on you stall bedding to absorb and eliminate the...


Hose for Hair Torch HTOH

Hose for Hair Torch

Hose and fitting to work with a hair torch and propane tank


Trocar w/ Canula TRO

Trocar w/ Canula

Makes easy work of putting in bull rings.


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