General Livestock Supplies

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Lariat w/ Quick Release LARQR

Lariat w/ Quick Release

General purpose lariat with the added benefit of a quick release.


Mineral Oil MOG

Mineral Oil

Gallon - A lightweight oil administered orally to animals to help relieve bloat.


Screw Worm Spray SWS

Screw Worm Spray

12 oz. can For use on wounds to kill and repel flies and fly maggots. Contains 0.5% permethrin.


Standard Tattoo Kit w/ Ear Release TATST

Standard Tattoo Kit w/ Ear Release

Very sturdy, yet light weight. Assures a permanent identification. Kit includes 3/8" digits 0-9, black ink and tattoo machine. The standard unit will...


Sullivan's FungAll FA*

Sullivan's FungAll

9 oz. tube or 17 oz. jar - A paste product that is topically applied to kill ringworm. It quickly kills the fungus, repairs the skin, and regenerates...

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Tattoo Ink - Green Roll-On TATIGR

Tattoo Ink - Green Roll-On

Green roll on ink for tattooing.


Tattoo Ink - Paste TATPG

Tattoo Ink - Paste

Green ink paste for tattooing.


Tattoo Letter Set TATLET

Tattoo Letter Set

Set of 3/8" letters A-Z.


Tattoo Number Set TATDIG

Tattoo Number Set

Set of 3/8" numbers 0-9


Sullivan's SWAT Fly Spray SWAT

Sullivan's SWAT Fly Spray

15 oz. aerosol can - A water-based aerosol fly spray that kills and repels common pests such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects....

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