Cow/Calf Supplies

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OB Strap 60 OBS60

OB Strap 60

60 nylon strap.


Sav-A-Calf Colostrum JLM

Sav-A-Calf Colostrum

A powdered colostrum supplement.


Standard Tattoo Kit w/ Ear Release TATST

Standard Tattoo Kit w/ Ear Release

Very sturdy, yet light weight. Assures a permanent identification. Kit includes 3/8" digits 0-9, black ink and tattoo machine. The standard unit will...


Tattoo Ink - Green Roll-On TATIGR

Tattoo Ink - Green Roll-On

Green roll on ink for tattooing.


Tattoo Ink - Paste TATPG

Tattoo Ink - Paste

Green ink paste for tattooing.


Tattoo Letter Set TATLET

Tattoo Letter Set

Set of 3/8" letters A-Z.


Tattoo Number Set TATDIG

Tattoo Number Set

Set of 3/8" numbers 0-9


X30 Dehorner X30

X30 Dehorner

Comes with a standard 8 ft cord. Maintains steady 900-950 degrees Fahrenheit. Recovers between applications in seconds. For use in calves and larger...


Sullivan's Stall Freshener SF

Sullivan's Stall Freshener

A must for cooler rooms and all livestock stalls! This natural, dry granulated product is sprinkled on you stall bedding to absorb and eliminate the...


Nose Ring NR*

Nose Ring

Available in Small, Medium or Large - Heavy duty permanent nose ring.

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