Cow/Calf Supplies

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Calf Scale Tape BHT

Calf Scale Tape

Measure around area just above the front hoof line and tape will reveal the weight of calf.


Calf Nursing Bottle BOT

Calf Nursing Bottle

A 2 quart nursing bottle for baby calves.


Calf Catch CAC

Calf Catch

Has a spring button feature that allows the calf catch to lock in place at a length of 4 or extend to 10. Works great when you need to catch a calf...


Callicrate Band  Individual CALBAND

Callicrate Band Individual

Individual band for the Callicrate Bander.


Callicrate Bander Kit CALBANDER

Callicrate Bander Kit

The Callicrate Bander offers a safe, trouble-free castration at any time you choose from 300 pounds to 3000 pounds. Kit includes bander, cutter, 5...


Callicrate Bands  25 Pack CALBANDS

Callicrate Bands 25 Pack

Additional bands for the Callicrate Bander.


Calf Puller CAP

Calf Puller

Makes fast work of problem deliveries. OB chains or straps sold separately.


Calf Ear Muffs CEM

Calf Ear Muffs

Protect newborn ears from frost and severe cold. Very easy to slip on, stays in place with Velcro.


Calf Weighing Sling CWS

Calf Weighing Sling

A mesh sling to weigh calves. Scale sold separately.


HornStop Dehorner HST

HornStop Dehorner

The HornStop is cordless and will dehorn up to 15 calves on a full charge. It is two to three times hotter than a conventional electric iron and only...


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