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Andis Cool Care Plus ANDCC

Andis Cool Care Plus

15.5 oz. aerosol can. 5 in one! - Coolant, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Cleaner, and Rust Preventative for clipper blades. The disinfectant is a...

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Andis Nylon Blade Pouch NBP

Andis Nylon Blade Pouch

Andis Nylon Blade Pouch, Holds 9 blades for small Andis clippers. Canvas velcro blade case with slots for 9 detachable blades. Velcro closure....


Cow Tail Clamp TAILCLAMP

Cow Tail Clamp

This German made Tail Clamp is made of strong steel and is used for cattle fitting to keep cattle from switching their tail while preparing the...


Sullivan's Extend Clipper Lube CL

Sullivan's Extend Clipper Lube

14 oz. aerosol can - Extend Clipper Lube provides instant cooling and long lasting lubrication for clipper blades. It actually prolongs the life of...


Sullivan's Endurance Oil EO4

Sullivan's Endurance Oil

4 oz. bottle - This revolutionary synthetic blend light oil provides long lasting protection. Endurance Oil gives superior lubrication to keep blades...


Sullivan's Sun-Guard Sunscreen SG

Sullivan's Sun-Guard Sunscreen

Quart - Provides protection from the sun's harmful rays, preventing sunburn and skin damage to all livestock. Sun-Guard works exceptionally well on...


Sullivan's Wave Tamer WT

Sullivan's Wave Tamer

10 oz. aerosol can - Sullivan's Wave Tamer straightens curly, kinky, and wavy hair. It relaxes the curl so the hair will extend to its fullest...

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Sullivan's Anti Fungus Equipment Dip AFD

Sullivan's Anti Fungus Equipment Dip

Gallon - Helps to control the outbreak of fungus and bacteria by sterilizing grooming equipment. Dip grooming combs and blades in the solution and...


Sheephead Leather Guard LSG

Sheephead Leather Guard

Great for protecting your blades on Sheephead clippers.


Small Clipper Leather Guard SLG

Small Clipper Leather Guard

Great for protecting your blades on small Andis clippers.


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