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Contact Cement CONCEM

Contact Cement

1 oz. tube - Contact Cement from The Original Super Glue Corporation.


Cow Tail Clamp TAILCLAMP

Cow Tail Clamp

This German made Tail Clamp is made of strong steel and is used for cattle fitting to keep cattle from switching their tail while preparing the...


Krazy Glue All Purpose KRAG

Krazy Glue All Purpose

.07 oz. tube - Krazy Glue All Purpose with precision tip.


Udder Comfort White Lotion UDCOM

Udder Comfort White Lotion

10.1 fl oz - Udder Comfort includes a natural blend of essential oils that softens and soothes hard quarters and tender udders after calving, for...


Fight Bac FBAC

Fight Bac

22 oz. can - Fight Bac is a teat disinfectant for the control of mastitis. Contains active ingredients Chlorhexidine and Glycerine to protect against...


Sullivan's Stall Freshener SF

Sullivan's Stall Freshener

A must for cooler rooms and all livestock stalls! This natural, dry granulated product is sprinkled on you stall bedding to absorb and eliminate the...


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