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Cow Tail Clamp TAILCLAMP

Cow Tail Clamp

This German made Tail Clamp is made of strong steel and is used for cattle fitting to keep cattle from switching their tail while preparing the...


MegaTurbo 2500 Dairy Topline Dryer MT2500

MegaTurbo 2500 Dairy Topline Dryer

MegaTurbo 2500 - Model #311. This dryer is quickly becoming the favorite of dairy fitters. Compares to Milano - Made in Italy, yet half the price! 5...


Sullivan's Air Express III Blower AIII-*

Sullivan's Air Express III Blower

There simply is no other blower on the market that matches the Features, Power and Value of the Air Express III. Some of the features include:...
$409.50  $389.00

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Sullivan's Blower Holder BLH

Sullivan's Blower Holder

Sullivan's Blower Holder Attaches a blower to the top of any Sullivan grooming chute.


Sullivan's Express Fogger™ EF

Sullivan's Express Fogger™

A blower fogger engineered for the modern showman. The Express Fogger works with a blow dryer for fogging or misting.
$27.50  $24.75


Sullivan's Blower Hanger BLHA

Sullivan's Blower Hanger

Sullivan's Blower Hanger Hang your blower from a fence, trailer, etc. Gets your blower out of the way and the easily wraps around the top of the...


Air Express III Blower Filter AEF

Air Express III Blower Filter

Keep your blower running at it's top performance - change the filter regularly. Dirty or broken filters lead to a shorter life for your blower.


Old Style Blower Filter BFI

Old Style Blower Filter

Works on most old style blowers that have housings for a push-on filter.


Blower Hose Complete AEH

Blower Hose Complete

15' blower hose, complete with nozzle tip.


Hose Clamp HCL

Hose Clamp

Hose Clamp (Thumb Screw)


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