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Dairy Tie Rope DTR

Dairy Tie Rope

A popular style of tie rope for dairy cattle. To be used with collars or neck chains that are sold separately.


Show Stall Neck Chain for Dairy Cattle NCH-*

Show Stall Neck Chain for Dairy Cattle

A stylish, fine link chain for use to tie your cattle in the stall at shows. Commonly used with a Dairy Tie Rope (sold separately). Available in...

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Poly Rope Halter H-*

Poly Rope Halter

A high quality handmade rope halter made of 1/2" rope. CLICK TO SEE OUR WIDE VARIETY COLORS!!!

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Neck Tie NT-*

Neck Tie

Fully adjustable for all sizes of animals. CLICK TO SEE OUR WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS!!!

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Slide Ring Rope Halter SRRH

Slide Ring Rope Halter

The built in ring allows rope to slide back and forth through the halter to prevent the halter from staying tight on the nose and jaw of the calf...

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Nylon Control Halter - Calf Size NH-S-*

Nylon Control Halter - Calf Size

Calf Size - Designed to be left on cattle. Constructed of 1" premium double layer nylon and heavy duty hardware with a control chain. Color choice of...

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Nylon Neck Strap NNS

Nylon Neck Strap

1 1/2" x 45" neck strap that is triple ply nlylon.


Poly Lead Rope PLR

Poly Lead Rope

Lead made of polypropylene rope 6 long.


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